Diverse Supply Chain Service Capabilities

At the end of the day, clients rate our performance on how successfully we have managed the safe and timely arrival of their products.  That’s why every project—large, small, simple or complex—receives the same high level of attention and professional service from the HJI team.

Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Expertise in providing responsive end-to-end supply chain support services
  • Rail inter-modal capabilities and truck brokerage for full truckload shipments
  • Regional, national and global capabilities

Materials Management

  • Order fulfillment, cross-docking, kitting and container management
  • Sequencing (Broadcast & ILVS)
  • Delivers real-time inventory reports, tracking and status updates


  • Component part integration
  • Services for automotive and other consumer products

Specialized Services

Through our two decades of experience in addressing specific client needs, HJI has developed strategic capacity and proficiency in several specialized service areas such as:

  • Quality control and audits
  • Sorting and pick-pack
  • Product recall, light assembly and  rework
  • Re-packing and re-stacking
  • Labeling and re-labeling
  • Web-based warehouse management system

 Dry Ice Blasting

HJI’s Dry Ice Blasting Technologies division offers an EPA-approved and ecologically-minded alternative to solvent-based cleaning.  Using carbon dioxide (CO2) in a compressed form, dry ice blasting can clean even oddly-shaped or bulky objects without pitting or damaging the underlying surface.  The process requires minimal down-time, making it an effective resource in various industrial and manufacturing settings as well as offering a non-toxic alternative to fire restoration projects.

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